Title:2012 First Zhe Jiang Yuhua decorative material sup


December 1, 2012, 2012 inaugural Zhe Jiang Yuhua decorative material suppliers Fair in Dongyang City Landmark Hotel grand opening. The conference has been Dongyang City Construction Bureau, Dongyang Construction Association attaches great importance to and vigorously support, attracting more than 20 units from across the country participated. Meetings to "exchange, cooperation, development and win-win" as the theme, aims to trade negotiations to promote industrial upgrading, and seek common development and win-win future. The whole hall was filled with unity and harmony, relaxed atmosphere.

    At the meeting, the Secretary Dongyang Construction Authority Liwen Yue made an important speech, expounded Dongyang town is famous for building three consecutive years Jianan output ranks first in the country, but also by China Construction Industry Association awarded the "Hometown of Chinese Architecture" title Dongyang construction like the rising sun, rising. Mr Lee also represents Dongyang Construction Authority, representatives of each participating unit of a warm welcome and great support, and I wish the conference a complete success.

    Decoration Co., Ltd., chairman Cai Zhe Jiang Yuhua a red pair of ladies and gentlemen in person guidance, exchanges and cooperation warm welcome and heartfelt thanks. Chairman personally introduced the enterprise development process, and the promise of good development prospects. We firmly believe that with leadership at all levels of care and love, community support and help, the next five years, Zhe Jiang Yuhua Decoration Co., Ltd. is bound famed country!

    In the afternoon one negotiation, each manufacturer holds for us Yuhua understanding and trust, have signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent for future bilateral cooperation has laid a solid foundation. But also for improving corporate materials procurement system to increase management efforts to improve the quality of construction provides a strong guarantee.

    Meeting is held in the victory of the joint efforts of everyone, Yu Yu Hua Chinese will uphold the spirit of struggle upwards, Seizing an opportunity, development, diligent, with honors back to society, as Dongyang "building big city" to "building Strong City "Crossing to make greater contributions.


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