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About Us
About Us

      Yu Hua Decoration Group Co., Ltd., is a collection of architectural decoration, curtain, design, corrosion insulation, equipment installation, steel structure construction of an integrated enterprise. Enterprises with national architectural decoration construction contractor qualification, building curtain wall engineering contractor qualification, building curtain wall engineering design special qualification, architectural engineering design special qualification, steel structure engineering contractor Sanji, electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contractor Sanji, corrosion insulation contractor Sanji. In order to further standardize the management system, and enhance overall competitiveness, expand market share, in the previous years, "triple play" on the basis of management system certification, in 2011 under the efforts of all the staff also completed a quality management system ISO9001: 2008, GB/T50430-2007 dual certification, to achieve a "quadruple" management system certification.

      Companies registered capital of 75 million yuan, the existing staff of 800 people, all kinds of professional engineering and economic management of more than 150 people. Advanced equipment, well-equipped, highly brand and market competitiveness. Meanwhile in recent years set up branch offices and business outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Dalian, Guangzhou, Yinchuan, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, northern China, Hebei, Hainan and other regions, to facilitate customers to negotiate business also expanded the company architectural decoration business. Companies adhering to the "credibility first, quality first" business philosophy, to promote "unity, dedication, and beyond, contribute to" the spirit of enterprise. Each completed project targets 100% good to excellent quality, short cycle, reasonable price to get the absolute superiority owners acclaim and has won praise from the local government.

      Actively explore new development ideas, innovation operational mechanism and management system, the company is the quality superior, more stable, more technologically sophisticated products and processes applied to the engineering business, and actively carry out technical cooperation with various institutions, while establishing long-term strategic alliances with developed high-tech product design and manufacturing company. Based on now, look to the future, committed to new ideas and more stringent standards, toward a higher starting point. Enterprise won numerous outstanding integrity Zhejiang Shou-quality architectural engineering companies, construction year advanced collective Dongyang, Jinhua year advanced construction enterprises, construction enterprises integrity Jinhua year, the provincial industrial and commercial enterprises, "Shou contract re-credit" units "2010 China Urban Construction Building Decoration 100 Enterprises", "2011 first ten decorated brands in Zhejiang Province," China Decoration Association awarded the "2011 China Building Decoration Industry · Billboard Top 50 curtain wall design and construction enterprises," " 2012's most influential architectural Brand Enterprise "," Zhejiang outstanding brand unit "," Dongyang municipal civilized unit "honorary title. CEO of the Association of Chinese private entrepreneurs have been awarded the title "China Outstanding Private Entrepreneur", the provincial Decoration Industry Association awarded the "Outstanding Entrepreneur", Jinhua City Construction Industry Association awarded the "outstanding year construction enterprises in Jinhua City Manager "China Building Decoration Association awarded the" National Building Decoration Industry Outstanding Entrepreneur "honorary title; 2013, our company Dalian Maritime Technology Park curtain wall project won the" 2012 Zhejiang Province civilized standard of architectural technology demonstration project "award.

      History cast its past glory, creating today's dream. Company staff under the leadership of chairman Cai red together - solidarity. We sincerely hope to cooperate sincerely with friends, to provide quality and efficient services, and jointly create a more brilliant future.

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